eBay Launches Green Driving – A New Way to Research, Find and Buy Fuel Friendly Vehicles

eBay Green Driving combines in-depth information with green vehicle and parts inventory to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, today announced the launch of eBay Green Driving, a new site designed to provide drivers with ways to reduce both money spent at the pump as well as their environmental impact. eBay Green Driving offers user-friendly tools and resources, as well as eBay’s unique green vehicle and parts inventory, in a single location, to help people determine the best ways to “green” their daily driving routines – including information on electric vehicles, hybrids, clean diesels, compressed natural gas and ethanol vehicles, as well as high-MPG gasoline vehicles.

“This site combines informative content with our extensive parts and vehicles inventory to address the growing trend towards fuel efficiency and deliver a relevant experience that can only be found on eBay.”

With Earth Day approaching and the current national gas price average standing at $3.89/gallon*, eBay Green Driving is a timely resource for all drivers, no matter where they fall on the green spectrum, to offer a variety of tools and resources to help reduce fuel consumption and save at the pump. Features of eBay Green Driving include:

  • Fuel Type Comparison Tool – Developed with data from the Department of Energy’s fueleconomy.gov, this unique and user-friendly tool provides simple, side-by-side fuel technology comparisons complete with information on driving range, estimated vehicle cost, estimated annual fuel costs, ecological impact and more.
  • eBay Green Machines – This feature highlights a number of unique green vehicles that are currently available or have been sold on eBay Motors. From a 1919 Rauch & Lang Electric Coach to the 2012 Fisker Karma, visitors can get in-depth info on these distinctive green machines.
  • Popular Green Vehicles – With a simple click, users can view information on popular fuel efficient vehicles, such as the hybrid Toyota Prius or the electric Tesla Roadster. After viewing the information, users can easily browse current eBay Motors listings for these vehicles.
  • Easy Searching – Visitors can use a simple browsing feature to quickly search available eBay vehicle inventory by type of fuel, body style, or lifestyle to find their ideal fuel efficient vehicle. Whether users have their heart set on an electric vehicle, or simply want to get the most miles per gallon possible, this tool will help them find the best fuel saving solution.
  • Green Driving News and Reviews – A comprehensive green driving resource, eBay Green Driving provides visitors with interesting, shop-able content such as Prius-model comparisons and fuel-saving driving tips.

“eBay Green Driving offers a one-of-a-kind experience for car enthusiasts who are interested in more efficient vehicle options to save money at the pump, and reduce overall environmental impact,” said Gregory Boutte, Vice President of eBay Motors and Electronics in North America. “This site combines informative content with our extensive parts and vehicles inventory to address the growing trend towards fuel efficiency and deliver a relevant experience that can only be found on eBay.”

eBay Green Driving is the latest in a series of programs and experiences designed to help eBay buyers and sellers make more sustainable shopping decisions. Previous programs include eBay Instant Sale, launched in October 2010, Patagonia Common Threads Initiative + eBay, launched in September 2011, and Green.ebay.com, launched in February 2012.

*National average based on data from AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report as of 4/18/12

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